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Reading Management 3.0 [1] about scaling strategies, one good example was mentioned there taken from nature: scaling out can have significant advantages for a lifeform to adapt and survive. What that does mean? Well as I understood it, it is better sometimes not to grow bigger in size, but to clone best of one team to the other teams and leave the self-organisation to take initiative.

Let's leave the business application of Agile scaling for a moment and concentrate on how nature does scaling. It can be done in different forms but one of the most interesting is by fractals. You saw nautilus [2], work of art supported by high-level mathematics. What are fractals?

If you want a precise definition: go to the wiki [3]. Well, short narrated,  they are special mathematical sets that display similarity through the full range of scale and they look the same no matter how big or how small they are. You can popularly say "zoom-in" or "zoom-out" indefinitely but you will get the same picture. Another characteristic of fractals is that they exhibit great complexity driven by simplicity. And how fractals have a connection to our time?

I read that viruses with more complex fractal application on their surface (HIV and SARS coronavirus) tend to be more fatal. The paper - Fatalness of virus depends upon its cell fractal geometry [4], concludes that the cell fractal geometry of viruses is the key to their fatality due to their unsmooth surfaces having a higher fractal dimension.

Python can be used nicely to draw some of those schematically using python turtle library [5], [6].

We can draw how influenza virus looks, with of course schematics describing Hemagglutinin and Neuraminidase [7]. My knowledge of viruses and python is too limited to take it seriously but it is a nice play, though:

Than more lethal virus of HIV looks like this:

And the one bothering us now is below:

To conclude, I just hope that there will not be something like this:

As you can see it is easy to carry on while playing.


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