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Most important option on Linkedin. How long it will stay with us, and why I can not have the same option in "real" life?

A few years ago I have read a book called: We from Yevgeny Zamyatin. During the reading, I have noticed the similarity of concepts and ideas with Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and 1984 by George Orwell and thought: too much coincidence. I was puzzled when reading that first publishing date was almost 100 years ago. If it would be written 2012, I would believe.

Can you remember sci-fi films were people in the 2000s are going to work in flying cars, robots are doing all tedious jobs, and vacation is on Mars, naturally. Always wrong when looking to the bright side. But a lot of dystopias got it pretty right.

How could they guess one century into the future some of the traits of modern 2020 society?

As a project manager, amongst others, my job was to plan a near future, to asses risks, what could go wrong and how to prevent bad things from happening. I noticed that usually, never mind how hard I have tried, I would miss. Even for events 3 months in the future, not to remember those big misses looking to the next year. And still, I was one of the better brokers, and companies were willing to pay for that service. I have the power to steer events to some limit and that helped for the plan to be close to reality, or vice versa. Later, I got bored of that and accepted the Agile way of work, ride the tide: inspect, adapt and iterate.

Going back to a human living in dystopias when something goes terribly wrong, few words best characterise it:

  • wretched;

  • dehumanised;

  • fearful.

On the other hand, is an authoritarian and totalitarian government harnessing oppressive social control with the help of the Ministry of Plenty. The book by Dmitry Glukhovsky FUTU.RE treats the same topic where strict norms of human living and procreation are endorsed under the pretext of human prosperity. I highly recommend it to everybody to read.

It is easy to see how 2 minutes of hatred can be transformed in 2 minutes of applause for the same reasons, how Emanuel Goldstein can be personified somehow else, but still, all traits are there and you can guess metaphor. All of you who read books, know, neither one dystopia was without rebellion.

If you have some good books that you have read, please recommend.

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