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Scrum Fun/Serious Play

Duration: from 1/2 to 1 day

Location: On-site preferably but possible remote

Scrum fun!

If you wish:

- That your teams through play learn the basics of an agile mindset;

- Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Developers understand how they are contributing to the product development;

- What are the challenges arising during scrum implementation and how to overcome them;

- What are artifacts, what are events, and their place in the framework;

- That teams get ready for the next phase in their growth;

- To experience in only a few hours of play that what in normal time teams experience in 3 months;

- To have fun and boost team spirit.

Then this workshop is the right stuff for you!

Serious play!

If you need to:
● define company strategy  in years to come;
● define and support the desired culture in a team or the whole organization;
● advanced practices of selection of candidates, motivation of employees;
● boost the performance phase of a team;
● strengthen the management of the company;
● create a vision of a new product;
● or to conduct any other meeting or workshop and to utilize up to the maximum good energy and cleverness of your people.

1. 60-minute intro meeting where we discuss the problem you want a solution to, business opportunities, stakeholders, and supporters;
2. 3 days after, you will receive a workshop agenda proposal, with duration, details of facilitation, space organization, and people that are required to attend based on the intro meeting;
3. Workshop facilitation or multiple workshops, depending on the complexity of the issue; 
4. 60-minute reflection about what happened and eventual next steps.


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